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Best Value Running Glasses

When you are out there pounding pavement or on the trail, you want to have a good pair of running eyewear to keep your eyes protected in all types of weather.


RunningWearPlanet has researched and found that you don't need to spend a lot of money on a great pair of running glasses.  This article is to help our readers and runners find new running eyewear that doesn't need to cost a lot but yet has good quality and technology characteristics.


The first brand eyewear that we like is the Tifosi Optics brand.  We believe the Tifosi brand is the best bang for your buck.



Tifosi is a new company that started in 2003.  The owner found a niche market in  designing and developing new running and bicyling eyewear at prices found in between the cheap $7 and the expensive $300 glasses.  They design many different styles of eyewear for every type of running enthusiast where their prices range from$35 to $75.


They offer great technology running eyewear at good prices and quality.  Their eyewear range from interchangeable lenses to polarized lenses.

Running Eyewear

Tifosi Veloce Running Eyewear


Recently, purchased the Tifosi Veloce Race Black running eyewear for $48.36.  We made the purchase from the FastSunglass website.


The best part of the Tifosi Veloce running eyewear we purchased is that it came with:

3 interchangeable lenses:   Smoke, AC Red, Clear


Also, the eyewear comes with a good quality case and cloth bag with drawstring to keep it safe.

Tifosi Running Eyewear

Tifosi Veloce Interchangeable Lenses

We use the glasses when we run and/or mountain bike in our free time.  Our staff  have owned previous pairs of Tifosi eyewear and are happy with them.



Do you need eyewear when you road or mountain bike ride? Sure. These sunglasses help make your eyes more comfortable by reducing the brightness and glare. But even when it's not bright daylight, you still want glasses to protect your eyes from junk flying up and to keep them from drying out.

Running Eyewear

Tifosi Veloce Running Eyewear


Tifosi brand makes great quality eyewear and a great price.  This is where Tifosi find its market.


 Verdict:  Research the Tifosi brand for yourself and experience a new running eyewear